1. Post your job
    Tell us about the home improvement or emergency repair job you need doing, where you are and when you want it to start. The more detail, the better.
  2. Get Quotes
    We then send this job lead out to all the relevant tradesmen in your area. Up to 3 local tradesmen, who are interested in quoting on your job, will buy this job lead and contact you.
  3. Check Ratings
    We send you links to the 3 tradesmen’s profile pages, where you can read about their businesses and look at the reviews and ratings they’ve received from previous customers. This helps you make a more informed choice.
    Read more about how our ratings work.
  4. Hire the Best
    Once you’ve looked at their profile pages, read through their ratings and received quotes, choose the tradesman who’s right for you. Don’t forget to go through our
    Homeowner Checklist, which explains how to check a tradesman’s qualifications, reputation and establish a contract.
  5. Rate Your Tradesman
    When the work is complete, rate your tradesman on Quality, Reliability and Value to share your experience with others in your community. You will be able to update your rating at any time.

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